Tasks & Goals

Theory and Policy of Economic Orders: Rediscovering the Foundations of the Social Market Economy

In a time of globalized markets of goods, services and knowledge, economic policy is facing great challenges. Conserving inherited structures that are not able to react to a dynamic international economy is not preferable; at the same time it is important to preserve the heritage of the Social Market Economy.

Studying the original concept of the Social Market Economy can help us to find solutions to this problem; particularly a stronger focus on the ideas of Eucken, Erhard, Müller-Armack and Röpke is beneficial in this regard.

The members of the Wilhelm-Röpke-Institute are interested in conducting and supporting economic research focused on the study of economic orders. Our focus is not on the isolated process of the market economy, but instead on the interrelations between the economic order and the other social orders. 

To fulfill our task as a non-profit organization, we are pleased to be able to cooperate with the University of Erfurt and other research institutions in Germany and abroad. We are also a member of the Jenaer Allianz, an association of institutions and individuals dedicated to rule-based economic policy in Germany and the European Union.

NOUS & Jenaer Allianz

Das Wilhelm-Röpke-Institut ist Mitglied im NOUS-Netzwerk für Ordnungsökonomik und Sozialphilosophie sowie in der Jenaer Allianz zur Erneuerung der Sozialen Marktwirtschaft